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Continental Maid Service | Garfield, NJ

Trust us to clean your home and make it completely spotless of dust, dirt, and grime. Continental Maid Service in Northern New Jersey, is proud to share with you a selection of references that we have.
"I have always thought that hiring a maid would be expensive. The response was quick, service was done. Good value for the quality of service. I have been using their service ever since."
"My house was spotless in 1.5 hours! I will definitely be calling again. Also, the response to my initial inquiry was immediate, the company representative was knowledgeable, courteous, and professional."
"I was very happy with your company. I had to call you to change service dates because the electric was not turned on by the power company. You were able to set me up with another appointment. The other problem I had that you were able to fix. was that I could not get there to pay you. You completed the job and let me mail you a check the next day. I am recommending your company to everyone in the complex."
-Upper Montclair
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