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Continental Maid Service | Garfield, NJ

Continental Maid Service in New Jersey, is the "different" maid service. Please review our home cleaning services and schedule an appointment to make your home completely spotless of dust, dirt and germs!
Kitchen Cleaning
We clean the outside of cabinets, stove tops, counters, sinks and all appliances. We also scrub the kitchen floor.
Bathroom Cleaning
We sanitize and disinfect showers, tubs, sinks, and fixtures with non-abrasive products. We also scrub the bathroom floor.
Living Room, Bedroom, & Hallway Cleaning
We dust, including windowsills, door frames, and furniture as well as high and low level surfaces. We vacuum floors and carpeted areas, and we mop wood floors with Murphy's® or dust mop with Endust®.
Contact us today to schedule our maid service to make your home sparkle!